Lindsay Lohan Rocks!
Press and their failures! The source of the 7 millions.

Is anyone really interested in the truth out there?

Few weeks ago press all over the globe reported that Lindsay would be (better say "should be") bancrupt after her treatments in different rehab centres.

She should have spent 7 million dollars on partying, clothes and her favourite hotel "Chateau Marmont" in L.A.


Who knows exactly how much she has on her bank account?

The magical number "7 millions" burped out first of Brandon Davis´ mouth in his unbelieveable degrading speech about Lindsay taped by papparazzi in 2006. THIS was the source of media. Not an indescrete bank clerk or a thrown away bank statement.... Brandon Davis WAS the source. Doubt it? Watch it here!.

10.11.07 13:01

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The picture everyone has about Lindsay is painted by media and their interest to sell stories. This blog is dedicated to the truth about Hollywood´s most talented upcoming actress! Our work here is based on our admiration for Ms. Lohan and her career.

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